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Springboard South Music Festival

Highlight/Project Title:

Springboard South Music Festival

Date: Summer 2016

Location: Houston, Texas

Role(s): Bandleader, Writer, Arranger

Goal: Gig

Summary: Music festival designed to promote rising artists and offer connections to people in the music industry. Full live set and interview with the band.

Highlight 2

Global Relief Benefit

Highlight/Project Title:

Global Relief Benefit Concert

Date: September 2017

Location: The Berklee College of Music

Role(s): Bandleader, Writer, Arranger

Goal: Global Relief concert to help flood victims. 

Summary:  Berklee held a concert in the David Friend Recital Hall that had musicians who were from areas that needed flood relief. I am from Houston and represented my city with my music that evening, for a good cause!

Highlight 3

Monday Tuesday LP

Highlight/Project Title: 

Monday Tuesday LP

Date: Summer 2017

Location: Houston, Texas

Role(s): Songwriter, Arranger, Vocalist, Guitarist, Bassist

Goal: Full Length LP 

Summary: Recorded a 12 track LP in Houston with my band from Berklee. One week of constant work led to a successful product, and the release was followed by sold out shows in Boston. 

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